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By Tim Colman

Clifford Price, aka Goldie - the first outspoken superstar to emerge from the British jungle and drum and bass scene - has been surprisingly quiet for the last four years. Once the subject of tabloid attention, thanks to a brief engagement to Bjork and fling with Naomi Campbell, there hasn’t been much media interest in the DJ with the gold-capped teeth.
Not one to shy away from attention, the London-based artist is mounting a comeback, thanks in part to a broken leg.
“What really truly got me back into it was breaking my fucking leg,” says Price. “I had a really nasty break, I snapped my femur really badly. I was water ski jumping and hit the water really hard, one leg went one way and my body the other. I nearly lost the leg. It motivated me to get in the studio and get the new album done. It was the final kick in the teeth to get going.”
The new album, Sine Tempus, is more than another high-speed breakbeat montage aimed at the jungle massive. Due out in March [2007], it’s actually the soundtrack to a film of the same name which Price has written and plans to direct. A project he’s worked on for the last six years, it appears the producer has no fear shifting from the studio to directorial chair.
“I’ve studied a lot of great films and I think it’s my time to have a crack with my interpretation of film,” says Price. “There’s so many films that have been made very badly, I don’t think I’m going to have any fucking problem making a film.”
Price is no stranger to appearing in front of the camera. In 1999 he played Bond villain Bull in The World Is Not Enough before appearing in British gangster flick Snatch as Bad Boy Lincoln. Has this experience influenced his approach to film?
“Only from a discipline point of view, just having a sneaky little look through the camera,” he says. “Just to see what it’s like, to see what the different people do. It’s like being in the studio, I know what engineers do so it’s my job to fuck with them and see how far I can push the equipment. People aren’t challenging the medium enough; they’re relying on the medium as opposed to anything else which is why art is so disposable. They’re relying on the medium to do it for them and they’re lacking in the fundamental creativity thing, which is spirit.”
Although readily comparing the film process to music Price concedes when it comes to movies less is usually more, a stark difference to his dense musical creations.
“I’ve had to learn that sound and film are two very different beasts,” he says. “I’m used to getting 99 sounds, having all these great concepts, going into the studio and writing. What happens is I use 98 of the sounds. Difference is with film you’ll have 99 ideas and throw away 40-fucking-five of them. You have to get rid of really great ideas but with film so it helps with how the storyline advances. It’s a very ruthless situation.”
Adding director to his resume of producer, DJ, actor and visual artist, Price was surprised last year when he was awarded an Honorary Degree for Arts and Music from the Thames Valley University. High praise, when you consider Goldie is a musician who can’t play an instrument.




“I am the nutty professor,” says Price. “When I was first told I was like, ‘Whatever, just a token thing’. I thought it was some bullshit. Then I researched it and found out it was Thames Valley University, which is very fucking renowned, very media and arts. They’re serious kind of people. I was quite surprised because I don’t play a fucking instrument. They were like it was because my concepts of music have probably caused a lot of things to happen. When you look at it in that sense it was interesting.”
The Degree even forced a little personal reflection.
“It made stop and think, I’ve been doing art for 22 fucking years. It’s quite mad really. I’m now 40 so for half my life I’ve been doing art. Ten years of that I was still weeing the bed so I must have been doing something right.”


goldie can be a bit of a cantankerous beastie...