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de-VICE the 3rd

SON OF ZEV: who's your dad?

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By Saori Nakagawa


Allan Klinbail has been better known in Melbourne and the rest of Australia, since 1997, under his nom de guerre SON OF ZEV, and he's been a key member of that city's IF? Records posse since he stuck a demo in Andrez's hand while he was DJing at Hardware 13 in 1998.
There was a nice note attached to the CD-R, and a few months later Son Of Zev was sneaked onto the bill for for one of the notorious Zoetrope live electronica sessions (#7) at the Punters Club in Fitzroy.
He never missed another Zoetrope session until the last one took place in 2001, when Andrez moved to Tokyo.
Allan is literally the son of Zev - his dad - and he's performed live on multiple occasions in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle, has a debut album in the works, and also runs Little Wolf Recordings.
Allan also sidelines as a member of the LN ELEKTRONISCH ENSEMBLE, alongside Little Nobody and Isnod. They played at Offshore Festival, supported Squarepusher and Spearhead... and came last in a Monash University Battle Of The Bands competition.



How did you get involved with IF? Records in the first place?



Absolute bloody persistence - this guy Andrez [Bergen] was playing the best electronic music I'd ever heard, so I hassled him with a bunch of wordy emails, but clinched it with music I burned to CD.

After the first Zoetrope party that I played at - which I "snuck on to" - I felt honoured, and wanted to be part of the only group of people looking beyond the trend and really into the music. It's got to the point now where I play people IF? musak, and so many are stunned with how cool it is, even though at the time a lot of it was recorded [between 1995 and 2001], it was seen as being way out on the edge…

IF? taught me to ignore the trends, and to do what you do. This was particular for me; I was the one playing hard minimal techno - the cool thing at the time - while everyone else at IF? was playing electro-influenced stuff… which was considered so nerdy at the time).

But some people didn't like my infusion of jazz into it; others would never see it… IF? taught me to filter out all that shit, and just be it - all this emotional crap aside. I have never had more fun than being part of IF?, doing whatever we felt like, and in fact being told by a bunch of uni student hacks that we might have recording potential (after putting down 3 hours for SBS radio) was one of the best moments of my life! It was the jazz musician’s ultimate compliment…



So what does IF? mean to you…?



Music for music's sake... or is it for Japanese sake? ...Everyone involved with IF? was doing it because it was right, and partially for the beer-rider we’d get at gigs for playing... we all knew it was way too cool...

We hated it when [ Melbourne club] Revolver Upstairs put on a Voiteck versus Zen Paradox live gig about 3 years after IF? did it, but ultimately it proved IF? right...

I sit here now, surrounded by a seriously professional music studio, but IF? never cared about that .. I could have been beatboxing into a crappy microphone, but if it was good, it was worthy of IF?

At the same time that IF? accepted me, I was rejected by [fellow Melbourne label] Wet Musik… for not having enough gear. It was possibly the best thing that ever happened to me...


Your advice to DJs?



Hmm… DJs. Well, all I can say is give up playing other people’s shite, play what you want, you'll go in and out of fashion - but that doesn't matter. The most important thing (and here comes a cliche) is to have fun... have a sense of humour, don't take anything too seriously, and everything will work out...

Oh, and if this is DJ-specific, don't ever sell your records... you may hate some of them now, but you don't realise what gems you have...

Hmm… DJs. Still a hard issue for me. Apart from the odd sample on an MD, I can't do anything if I don't write my own bass-lines... So I guess if you are a DJ, remember that the techno scene started without DJ heroes; it started without live heroes.

The focus is the crowd... the audience. Shock them, play with their heads, but never ever put yourself above the crowd…



Your current favorite alcoholic drink?



Oh - now that's an iffy question, pun completely intended! I'll always come back to the Coopers Red... 




Your current favorite music?



Nup… I can't answer this question. My music taste varies from the time of day, the mood I'm in, what I've ingested...

I’m open to everything, and there is a favourite music for every mood... basically, for me if it's dark it's good. But what I love tonight I probably will hate tomorrow morning.

Not a fair question...



SON OF ZEV performed as a member of the LN ELEKTRONISCH ENSEMBLE at the last IF? Records party in Melbourne on Saturday 10 February, 2007.





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