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ISNOD is good

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by saori nakagawa


ABOVE isnod + max

Isnod, a.k.a. Melbourne producer and graphic designer Damian Stephens, has been making music in one form or another for well over a decade now, occasionally with bands including the LN Elektronisch Ensemble - but mostly as Isnod, or just plain Nod.

Along the way he's dabbled as support act for international drawcards like Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, Tim "Love" Lee, Spearhead, and Mike Patton.

A regular live act with Melbourne label IF? Records in the late 1990s, Damian has continued to court the more esoteric and artistic nuances of electronic muzak, in live jaunts, for movies, and for music performances.

Now he's been called up for the IF? reunion jaunt at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne on Saturday 10th February, 2007 - which de-VICE is shamelessly promoting, 'cos it's cheap like us (just $5), and most of our hack writers are involved...


What kind of set, musically-speaking, can people expect from you?



Expect a molasses-smooth melange of many a music - spiky, serene,  and everything in between.  The soundtrack to the fall of the current Roman empire.



How did you come up with the “Isnod” moniker?



Isnod used to be two people, Mark C and myself.  I wanted to call us Nod, and Mark wanted to call us Is Don, as in the Aussie deli meat  advertising slogan.  So it follows that while "is Don is good", Isnod is god.  So -  it was settled.



Any hot tips for DJs?



Harden the fuck up and grow a mustache.




How did you get involved with the IF? label?



I used to go to the IF? events, and so got to know the crew.  

Then I started doing design for the label. It was on one of these occasions that the esteemed IF? label head came around to look at a cover I was doing, and I was listening to what my cohort and I had put live to tape the night before. He asked what the hell I was listening to, and then - after a five minute pause - asked if we could do it live. 

The next day he called to tell us we had been booked for the Espy [Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne].  As I had never even thought about doing it for an audience, I thought he was joking. When I realised he was serious, I shit myself.



What does IF? mean to you?



IF? brought innovative music out of the alleyways and put it in front of an audience. Some really incredible music.  And remember - this was at a time when I would set up, and people would ask me where the drum kit was. 

For me personally, without IF? I would have stayed in the bedroom, and never would have started playing live. I never even saw myself as a musician, yet alone imagined I would still be making music with 3 albums out (and a 4th coming), seven years later!


ABOVE the LN elektronische ensemble
(isnod is on the left)

ISNOD will played live at the last IF? Records party in Melbourne, Zuzushi 2, on Saturday 10 February, 2007.




Your current fave records?



The Knife - Silent Shout
Christbait - Dirtypunkmutha
Ice Cube - Death Certificate
Idris Muhammad - Power of Soul
Peaches - Impeach My Bush
The Loving Sisters - The Sisters and Their Sons
Jaylib - Champion Sound
Joanna Newsom - Ys
...and I'm listening to a whole heap of vintage soul and funk....can't get enough of it at the moment. Also lovin' that hip hop/electro/grime/baile/hyphy/spank thing.



What are your thoughts on sampling and humour in music?



I'm all good with sampling as long as you make the sample (and therefore the song) your own.



What other current projects are you currently involved with?



I've started a new band with the amazing vocalist Max Maxfield. She is ace. We are called Max and Isnod. We have an album out early next year. Check out



isnod @ IF?

isnod @ myspace

isnod @ flowercutfilms


ABOVE Isnod, version 1: Damian & Mark
BELOW Sootie + Isnod


...and this has absolutely nothing to do with the article above; why are you bothering to read the fine-print, anyway...?!