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de-VICE the 3rd

just how sweet is KANDYMAN?

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just how sweet is KANDYMAN?
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by Saori Nakagawa


Jeff Willis' site at puts it quite simply: "I've been DJing since 1991 and creating electronic tunes since 1998. I am passionate about all genres and you'll see that through the variety of songs you'll find here. I love everything from chill to house to trance to techno to breakbeat and drum n bass. Enjoy!"
...and that's it.
No other clues to make you realise that this expat American is so darned passionate about his adoptive hometown - Melbourne - that he became a key mover-and-shaker of its developing techno/house scene in the 1990s, working closely with the MUD crew (the people behind the Every Picture Tells A Story rave parties), IF? Records (the posse responsible for the Zoetrope live electronica sessions, and the Zeitgeist compilations), and Techno Renegade magazine, which eventually became TRM.
He's also a mighty fine DJ and producer, and collaborated with IF? boss Andrez in 1999 - under the alias of DJ Fodder - to release Melbourne's most-remixed track... "Cocaine Speaking".
It's been rejigged by people as far afield as Khan Oral (Captain Comatose/Bizz OD), Jason Leach (Subhead), Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk), Son Of Zev and Zog in Melbourne, Pocket and Pnau in Sydney, and by Cinnaman from Adelaide's Dirty House crew.
Now Jeff has a brand new album to greet 2007...


What kind of set, musically-speaking, can people expect from you in 2007 - and in particular at the IF? reunion party on February 10th?



I'll be playing tunes off my new album, For Lease, which is a collection of tracks sexier than a Dita Von Teese burlesque number…



How did you come up with the Kandyman moniker?



When I first moved to Australia I was known as Brutha Luv, but after hearing many a mispronunciation - how could they get it wrong…? - I decided to search for a new name.  

Well, it was a very common sight to see me handing out lollies at Global Village [an old skool rave warehouse in Melbourne, which held the Every Picture Tells a Story parties] and at other events.  One night I was dishing out some goods to a few people dancing on the stage, when someone came up and said "hey, kandyman, can I have a chupa chup?" …and it stuck.







KANDYMAN will play live at the next IF? Records party in Melbourne.
On Saturday 10 February, 2007, IF? makes it’s annual (or, in some cases, bi-annual!) pilgrimage from Tokyo, back to its place-of-birth, when the first IF? live party in 2 years is set to happen at Horse Bazaar!
ZU-ZUSHII 2 will feature a bunch of local and Tokyo-based live acts and DJs including Little Nobody (Tokyo), Isnod (Melbourne), Kid Calmdown (Sydney), Schlock Tactile vs. Slam-dunk Ninja (Tokyo), DJ Venom s. Ghetto Boys (Melbourne), Sleepy Robot (Sydney), label-meister Andrez, DJ Neo (Melbourne) and Kandyman (Melbourne), plus others to be confirmed...

...all for just $5 on the door, from 8pm to 3am, at 397 Lonsdale St., Melbourne.



Any hot tips for DJs?



Spin 'til your fingers bleed!  If your mixing sounds like shoes in the dryer, you're not bleeding enough!



How did you get involved with the IF? Records label?



My first instance was in a Strange Studios toilet at Global Village.  An IF? sticker. I thought, "Damn, I've got to get one of those stickers for my box!". Not long after that, I met the IF? label manager, Andrez "Little Nobody" Bergen - and the sticker is still on my crate 11 years later!


What does IF? mean to you?



 Eclectic, tough, sexy, neurotic, international, ground-breaking...



What are your current favourite records?



There's only one record occupying my headspace right now – mine. So it would be any five tracks off my album For Lease, of course!



What are your thoughts on sampling and humour in music?



Absofunkinlutely! It's about the manipulation that matters.



Tell us all about the new album…



For Lease has been a decade in the making, ever since I slapped together my first track, "Funland", for the Every Picture Tells a Story - Volume 2 compilation [see]. Talk about humour and manipulation! It was Tellitubies meets South Park…!

I finished the final track about two weeks ago, and have been in the studio mastering the album with Sugar, who happens to be one of my favorite Australian artists.

The album is a blend of slowed down grooves perfect for a Buddha Bar compilation, through to some sexed-up breaks.  All this with a bit of a Kandyman twist.