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de-VICE the 3rd

KID CALMDOWN and SLEEPY ROBOT: sydney's coolest djs?

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KID CALMDOWN and SLEEPY ROBOT: sydney's coolest djs?
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This online beastie has always been mostly about Tokyo and Melbourne, two cities that our erstwhile head-honcho Andrez has called home. But we've also had a soft-spot for Sydney, in a large part because of the late, lamented Sunday afternoon jaunt that was electronic and experimentia venue Club Frigid.


It featured people like Seb and Luke, alias Sub Bass Snarl, who ran the place for a decade, along with others like Sir Robbo, Dsico, Prince V and... two enigmatic, somewhat blase turntablists calling themselves Kid Calmdown and Sleepy Robot.


Kid Calmdown's alterego, Tim Colman, is a music journalist and member of The Alcoiids, who's released a record and cut a remix for Tokyo/Melbourne label IF? Records.


Sleepy Robot - a.k.a. Chloe Sasson - is Tim's partner and a journalist in her own right, with a killer taste in new musics.

By Saori Nakagawa

tim colman


How did you come up with the Kid Calmdown and Sleepy Robot monikers?



I collect Robots and I am always sleepy. Which is why my DJ career has never taken off.



I'd like to say there is some cryptic meaning behind it but chances are I probably thought it was funny when I was at the pub. Trying to take the hype out of DJ culture perhaps? I think I've outgrown the kid bit these days.



Any hot tips for aspiring DJs?



As a wise man once said: if you play music that people hate – it’s a good sign. Or something like that.



Track selection is more important than beat-mixing (that's what Little Nobody tells me), don't take requests, and headphones can help.

chloe sasson

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What kind of set, musically-speaking, can people expect from you?



The unexpected. If electronica and hip hop can be classified as that!



A broad range of non-sensical electronica, the perfect soundtrack to a game of cricket. Well, it is at home. So you probably can't dance, which is overrated anyway.



How did you get involved with the IF? label?



My partner-in-crime, Tim, was commissioned to remix Cocaine was all downhill from there.



Too much barmy fluid with IF?'s CEO. Convinced me to do a remix for his album over a few hundred drinks. I also saw him break his fly on a night out. You're kind of friends for life after a night like that.


What does IF? mean to you?


Lots of twisted, warped, bent, stretched, hacked up, mutilated, molested, surreal, questionable, raw, animal-tested music. Actually it's probably animal-friendly. 



What are your thoughts on sampling and humour in music?



If you sample a good joke – make sure you include the punchline!



Well, a good fart joke never fails to raise a smile, the whoopee cushion is a criminally under-used sample - the Bronx Cheer remix!! I suppose you don't want to fall into the novelty area unless you're going to sell enough units to live off for the rest of your life.

seb chan, from sub bass snarl


Your current fave records?



Arcade Fire

TV on the Radio


Hilltop Hoods




Burial - Burial

Kode9 + the Spaceape - Memories of the Future

Filastine - Burn It

Clark - Body Riddle

V/A - Disco_rdance Volume One

tim's interview with goldie

sleepy robot @ myspace

kid calmdown @


Kid Calmdown and Sleepy Robot will be playing in Melbourne at the IF? Records showcase Zuzushi 2, at Horse Bazaar, on Saturday 10th February 2007, 8pm - 3am, alongside Little Nobody (Tokyo), Isnod (Melbourne), the LN Elektronische Ensemble, Neo, Venom, and others.
these two characters are very sweet, too!!