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de-VICE the 3rd

a quickie with MR. SCRUFF

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a quickie with MR. SCRUFF
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A little bit back, Andrew Carthy - a.k.a. Ninja Tune stalwart Mr. Scruff - did a remix of "Cat Blues" for the Cowboy Bebop remix compilatilation.
de-VICE tracked the man down and beggered a few quickie questions, just out of curiosity's sake...
How did you go about crafting the mix for such a classic anime?

"Firstly, I chose "Cat Blues", as it was a great, old sounding tune, simple with loads of personality. The parts were so well recorded that it was a pleasure to remix! I chopped it up into a kind of stuttering drumbox jazz wobbler."
What was your favorite anime or cartoon when you were a wee tacker?

"I would say The Clangers and Bod."

What snack food do you enjoy when writing music?

"I eat CDs, and sometimes tapes if I am very hungry."

Who are your principle musical influences right now?

"All sorts! I love hip hop, soul, disco, house, funk, latin, reggae, afrobeat, electro, soundtracks... all kinds of music."
done in a couple'a minutes by andrez bergen



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